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Siemens Malaysia and Progressture Solar Collaborate to Drive Malaysia's Green Energy Transition

Updated: Jan 29

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, 19 September 2023: Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Siemens) a global technology powerhouse, and Progressture Power Sdn Bhd (Progressture Solar), a leading Clean Energy provider in Malaysia, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership, driving Malaysia's green energy transition agenda forward. The two companies officially inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)to advance converged energy solutions that integrates energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE).

From left: Siemens Asean & Malaysia head of finance, digital industries Thang Yuet Yeng, Siemens Malaysia president and CEO Tindaro Danze, Progressture Solar co-founder, chief executive officer Cliff Siaw and Progressture Solar co-founder, chief operating officer Ng Yew Weng.

This collaboration aims to promote sustainable business practices by encouraging more industry players to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. As enablers of industrial decarbonisation, Siemens and Progressture Solar are committed to streamlining and facilitating the adoption of RE and EE through easy ownership models.

The goal is to accelerate progress not only towards Malaysia's carbon reduction targets but also the global target of achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2050, aligned with the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) announced last August. At its core, the partnership is built upon a shared vision; to significantly reduce energy consumption and grid dependency, delivering tailored energy solutions for both multinational corporations (MNCs) and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Progressture Solar is a leading Clean Energy solutions provider and Net-Zero Partner in Malaysia, providing a comprehensive and accessible renewable energy solution to commercial and industrial (C&I) clients. Their all-in-one clean energy solution and flexibility in tailoring a solar PV system to meet the unique needs of their C&I clients is what sets them apart in the emerging solar industry.

In collaboration with Siemens, Progressture will begin offering 'bundle-packaged' array of energy solutions, seamlessly integrating energy efficiency solutions with renewable energy, poised to introduce transformative solutions and reshape the contemporary business landscape.

Mr. Ng Yew Weng, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Progressture Solar, says, "We are keenly aware of the challenges that businesses face when adopting clean energy solutions and energy-efficient technology, and that is why we are committed to presenting a wide spectrum of accessible and easy ownership models. From Zero CAPEX and outright purchase options to flexible leasing solutions, our goal is to ensure accessibility for all, regardless of their energy needs or financial constraints.”

He also emphasized the critical role that the industrial sector plays in global carbon emissions and the urgent need for industries to reduce their carbon footprint. By providing sustainable energy solutions, he underscored how this partnership aligns with Malaysia's NETR and its goal of achieving a 70% renewable energy capacity mix by 2050.

Mr. Ng states, "Currently, 78.5% of the carbon emissions in the country are still derived from fossil fuels. Our goal is to educate and work with the industry, providing them with the right solutions to significantly reduce these emissions and enable companies to meet their sustainability targets. By combining Siemens' technological expertise with Progressture Solar's experience in clean energy solutions, this partnership will enhance value for both current and future business prospects, expediting the industrial decarbonisation process for our nation.”

“Additionally, with the launch of NETR and the upcoming 'Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act' (EECA), renewable energy and efficiency will assume even greater significance. Through this partnership, the integrated energy solutions we provide will not only offer numerous advantages to businesses, from reducing their energy costs to improving their overall operations but also assist them in meeting their sustainability and ESG commitments”, he added.

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