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Your Zero Capex Strategy Towards Sustainability

Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contractual agreement between a clean energy provider, such as Progressture Solar, and a business.


Under the PPA, the provider installs and maintains a solar energy system on the customer's premises, while the customer agrees to purchase the energy produced at a set price over a predetermined period.

How Does Rooftop Solar PPA Work?

PPAs allows businesses to benefit from clean, sustainable solar energy without the upfront costs of buying and installing their own solar energy systems.​

With Progressture Solar's PPA solution, your business can reduce energy costs, lower your carbon footprint, and achieve sustainable energy goals, all while enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

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Progressture Solar is committed to helping companies move towards greener and cleaner operations


Key Benefits of PPA for Business Owners

Zero Upfront Costs

Save Up To 50% On Energy Bills

Hedge Against Tariff Hikes

PPA Solution

Scope 2 Emissions

Strengthened ESG Profile

What our clients have to say about our PPA solution:

"Progressture Solar's PPA solution has allowed us to access clean, sustainable energy without the upfront costs. Their team made the entire process seamless and easy, and we're now saving thousands of dollars each year on energy costs."

Business Owner

Alex Lee

What our clients have to say about our PPA solution:

"We were impressed by Progressture Solar's attention to detail and commitment to customer and after-sale service. Their PPA solution has been a game-changer for our business, and we're thrilled to be able to reduce our carbon footprint while saving money on our energy bills."


Christopher Fong


Ready to make the switch to clean, sustainable energy and save money on your energy bills?

Contact Progressture Solar today to schedule a free consultation and see how our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solution can help your business transition to clean energy and own solar assets.

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