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Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP) 

CGPP transforms how businesses access and benefit from solar energy without the need for physical ownership or management of solar panel installations. Through virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs), corporate consumers can actively participate in the renewable energy movement, supporting clean power generation and reducing their environmental impact. 

The Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP) is a renewable energy initiative spearheaded by the Malaysian government. Designed to drive the adoption of sustainable practices, CGPP offers corporate consumers the unique opportunity to virtually purchase solar energy directly from solar developers. 

The Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP) operates through a systematic process that allows corporate consumers to procure renewable solar energy virtually.


The following diagram presents an overview of the CGPP framework: 

How Does CGPP Work? 

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Key CGPP Parties

The Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP) operates through a dynamic energy delivery and transaction process involving three key parties.

Under the Corporate Green Power Agreement (CGPA), the Corporate Consumer agrees to purchase energy generated by the Solar Power Producer at an agreed price or price structure. If the Actual SMP exceeds the CGPA price, the Solar Power Producer compensates the Corporate Consumer for the difference, and vice versa. 

Corporate Consumer (CC)

Receives electricity supply from the Electricity Utility Company.

Solar Power Producer (SPP)

Takes charge of developing, owning, and operating the solar power plant.

Electricity Utility Company (EUC)

Facilitates the delivery of electricity from various generation sources, including the solar power plant.

What Are the Key Financial Transactions in CGPP?

The financial transactions between the Corporate Consumer and the Solar Power Producer are as follows: 

  • For the energy quantity E1 (kWh) exported by the solar power plant, the Electricity Utility Company pays the Solar Power Producer an amount P1 based on the Actual SMP (RM/kWh) in that specific half-hour time frame.

    P1 = E1 (kWh) x Actual SMP (RM/kWh)

  • For the energy quantity E2 (kWh) supplied by the Electricity Utility Company to the Corporate Consumer, the Electricity Utility Company charges the Corporate Consumer an amount P2 based on the approved tariff rate T (RM/kWh) of the company.

    P2 = E2 (kWh) x T (RM/kWh)

  • If the CGPA specifies an energy price C (RM/kWh), the financial settlement amount P3 between the parties for the energy quantity E1 (kWh) exported by the Solar Power Producer depends on the difference between the energy price C (RM/kWh) in the CGPA and the Actual SMP (RM/kWh).

    If C > Actual SMP:

    The Corporate Consumer pays the Solar Power Producer an amount P3 = E1 (kWh) x (C - Actual SMP)

    If Actual SMP > C:

    The Solar Power Producer pays the Corporate Consumer an amount P3 = E1 (kWh) x (Actual SMP - C)

Procure Renewable Energy

Benefits of Participating in the CGPP

Engaging in the CGPP offers corporate consumers a range of advantages, allowing them to procure renewable energy and contribute to sustainable business practices. Here are the key benefits: 

Fulfil Sustainability Goals

Own Green Attributes

Enhance Corporate Reputation

Reduce Scope 2 Emissions

CGPP Eligibility Criteria

Industry & Location

Corporate consumers should be operating in the manufacturing or service industry in Peninsular Malaysia or have plans to establish and operate within these industries within the next two years.

Embark on CGPP with Progresture Solar

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