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For Commercial and Industrial Sectors

Rooftop Solar

Overview of Rooftop Solar in Malaysia

Rooftop solar installation for commercial and industrial businesses and companies provides a perfect opportunity to generate significant savings during monthly TNB payments.


The economic potential of rooftop solar has grown significantly, aided by local tax incentives such as the Green Investment Tax Incentive (GITA) and the comparatively cheaper manufacturing cost of solar panels compared to a decade ago. 


Rooftop solar is becoming an attractive and cost-effective energy solution. Its business case is propelled further by Malaysia's favourable geographic position offering substantial solar irradiation and sun hours. With significant urban rooftop estates, Malaysia is positioned to unlock even greater solar generation capacity in future.

The Malaysian government is actively supporting the local production, adoption, and utilisation of renewable energy as an alternative resource, particularly solar PV technology.


Many incentives are branched across programmes and partnerships, such as the Net Energy Metering (NEM) scheme, Self-Consumption (SELCO), the Supply Agreement of Renewable Energy (SARE), and the Green Income Tax Exemption (GITE). All the initiatives benefit producers and users of renewable energy; they are the perfect opportunity to reduce overhead energy costs in the long run, especially in capital-intensive industries.


Over the past few years, Malaysia has made promising steps into the rooftop solar space. NEM quota allocations have enabled rooftop solar users to profit and benefit from generating solar PV electricity while selling surplus energy back into the electricity grid. In 2024, the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia released an additional 300MW of NEM capacity for businesses.

Malaysian Incentives for Rooftop Solar

The potential of rooftop solar is immense. However, there are still physical limitations and challenges during solar panel installation.


One of the key challenges is that rooftops must be of a certain size and design to be suitable for solar installation. The bigger the rooftop size and the less complicated the roof design, the greater the returns on investment for a company.


On the contrary, oversizing the installable capacity without a careful understanding of daily load profiles would result in energy wastage, which could translate to slightly lower returns on investment for commercial and industrial business owners.

Solar Panel Installation: Challenges

At Progressture Solar, we have the experience and track record as a cleantech energy solutions provider to design, engineer, and deliver the most optimal and reliable solar PV system. We keep our clients' best interests at the top of our mind, ensuring the highest possible returns on investment. Our two ownership models are the Zero Capex model with no upfront cost and the Outright Purchase model.

By installing rooftop solar, your company can harness the sun's rays to generate electricity for your own use. The results are significant savings on your monthly electricity bill, ESG compliance, and contributing to an environmentally sustainable future for the next generation. Progressture Solar is equipped to meet your unique needs and requirements, offering services including (but not limited to):

Progressture Solar: The CleanTech Provider for Commercial and Industrial Rooftop Solar

Internet of Things (IoT)

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Project Design and Engineering

Solar PV Installation

Construction Management

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Project Financing and Investment

Solar Application
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