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Committed to delivering a carbon-neutral and sustainable future

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We support the Sustainable Development Goals



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How Solar Energy Can Decarbonise Your Business and Reduce Emissions


What is Decarbonisation? Is solar energy the most effective way for businesses to decarbonise? Find out more...


ESG: The Boom of Sustainable Investment in Malaysia


Take a quick glance at the tabloids from the year 2021 and it is prominent that sustainability and ESG are taking the front seat of...

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What is NET ZERO and why is it so important in Malaysia


We are on an unstoppable journey towards a #NetZero future. Our mission is to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050.


Creating a Better Future

Progressture Solar is a leading Clean Energy Provider and a Net-Zero Partner in Malaysia specialising in industrial decarbonisation. We help corporate clients achieve their Net Zero target through a comprehensive range of renewable energy solutions.


What Progressture Solar Malaysia Does

As an experienced Clean Energy Provider, we provide turnkey solutions and services for solar PV system ownership, including financing, consultation, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning (EPCC), operation, maintenance and monitoring.

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Rooftop Solar

Commercial & Industrial

Solar PV installation on commercial, industrial and residential rooftops can generate significant savings to electricity bills. 


Large Scale Solar Farm

This large collection of solar PV panels converts solar energy into electricity that enters the power grid for distribution to consumers nationwide. 

Delivering exceptional products and services.

At Progressture Solar, we strive to exceed expectations. Our priority as a renewable energy company is to provide top-notch solar PV operations, maintenance, and after-sales support. It is our mission to ensure you experience a smooth transition in your decarbonisation efforts. 


Our Strengths

We construct and operate the most reliable, safest and highest of quality solar PV rooftops systems for commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Our Design Philosophy

We are experienced with all rooftop structures

We manage structures ranging from all types of metal roofs, reinforced concrete, and ground mounts. We conduct robust analysis on every project before commencing work on-site.

Engineered for long-lasting reliability

We work together with multinationals along with advanced modelling and visualisation tools.

Our contractors, installers and in-house project management team provide services of the highest integrity.




Save Up to 85% in monthly Electricity Bills

Reinvest those savings into sustainable business development


Tax Savings & Hedging Against High Tariffs 

Immediately reduce taxable income by up to 32% in the first year and simultaneously eliminate risk exposure to rising electricity rates.


Strengthen Your ESG Profile

Reduce carbon emissions by adopting solar energy and ultimately achieve your ESG targets.

Our Partner

Globally Recognised Green Technology

We offer solar products of the highest quality for our client's projects

Solar panels


Solar Inverter


Wires & Cables

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Our Client Testimonials

How one of our client saved up to RM1.2 Million of Electricity Cost in just 3 years after adopting Solar Power

RM 430k

Annual Savings

Generated by solar panels in the first 5 years and much more following after

We are very happy with the professionalism of Progressture Solar and impressed with the amount of energy and tax savings achieved after installing a solar system on our rooftop.

Mr. Richard Wong

CEO of a plastics manufacturing company


Annual Savings

In electricity bills with total savings of RM 11mil across 25 years

RM1.14 Mil

Tax Savings

From GITA and capital allowance incentives in the first 5 years

2.5 Years

Payback Period

Within 2.5 years to recuperate initial capital layout for solar investment

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  • How much is the cost to install a solar PV system?
    The cost will vary depending on your requirements. Our Solar PV Engineers will design a solar pv system that is suited to your electricity usage, your available roof space and your budget to maximise your savings.
  • What are the financing options that are available?
    There are two options that are available: Zero CAPEX and Outright purchase. With ZERO Capex, we provide the full financing of the entire PV system with no investment required for the next 25 years. On the other hand, with the Outright Purchase option, we assist in securing green lane financing from our key bank partners for your own purchase of solar PV assets.
  • Can Progressture assist me with the financing options above?
    Yes, we can assist you with both options. Our turnkey solutions allow you to shift towards solar energy adoption with financing, consultation, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning (EPCC), and maintenance services from us.
  • What are the first steps to starting a solar journey?
    Simply reach out, talk to us, share your TNB electricity bills, and get a free ROI assessment. We will advise on a clean energy solution that is right for you.
  • Are there any solar schemes available for my business?
    Yes, in Malaysia we have the Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Self-Consumption (SELCO) scheme for the adoption of Renewable Energy. With NEM, the energy generated from the solar PV system will be consumed first, and any excess to be exported and sold to the distribution licensee (such as TNB and SESB). Aside from NEM, SELCO is another option for you to generate electricity from your own solar PV system which allows you to offset or reduce your energy bills. With SELCO, you can consume all the electricity generated by your solar system but will not allow any excess electricity to flow into the grid.
  • How much savings will I be able to enjoy with a solar power system?
    With a solar power system installed in your building, you can save up to 85% on your monthly electricity bills.
  • How often should solar panels be cleaned and maintained?
    As solar power systems are hardwired without moving parts, they require very little maintenance. Nevertheless, the time needed for cleaning and maintenance can vary and it depends on several factors such as the slope of your roof, the location of your building, the presence of particles, etc. At Progressture Solar, we provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services to our clients that include the cleaning and inspection of solar panels on an annual basis. It is our responsibility to keep your solar panels clean at regular intervals to prevent residue from forming and to ensure their optimal performance.
  • What is the payback period for the rooftop solar investment?
    Depending on tariff rates, the average payback period for the purchase of a rooftop solar system is approximately 2.5 -5 years.
  • Are there any tax benefits given by our Malaysian Government for my business?
    Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of the Green Investment Tax Allowance (GITA) from MIDA and the Capital Allowance (CA) from LHDN when you make the transition to renewable energy like solar power.
  • What are some of the licenses that Progressture possess?
    Progressture Solar is a Registered Photovoltaic Service Provider (RPVSP) and a Registered Solar Photovoltaic Investor (RPVI) under SEDA, myHijau, the Energy Commission (ST), and a G7 license holder issued by CIDB Malaysia.

Find out how much you can save on your monthly electricity bill with our ROI Assessment.

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