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Large Scale Solar Farm

Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning, and Construction

Large Scale Solar – also known as solar farms – is the large-scale application of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems in a contained area so electricity (ranging from hundreds of kilowatts to thousands of megawatts) can be generated for use.

Through a large collection of PV solar panels, the solar farm absorbs energy from the sun, converts it into electricity and sends that electricity to the power grid for distribution and consumption by customers across the nation.

By the end of 2023, Malaysia registered an installed solar capacity of 1,933MW and is forecasted to reach 4GW by 2030. This is largely represented by solar farms, a globally growing amenity serving as an alternative source of electricity generation and renewable energy. The possibilities of expanding such large-scale solar farms are vast and far-reaching, with many studies exploring its feasibility to host a large portion of residential and commercial consumption.


Within Malaysia, the government has recognised the potential of large-scale solar farm (LSS) projects in supporting the national electricity grid, on top of its contribution as an environment-friendly energy source. Currently, the Malaysian government has announced the fifth Large Scale Solar (LSS5) tender, with a quota of up to 2GW.

Large Scale Solar Farms in Malaysia

Progressture Solar provides best-in-class consultation and project development for large scale solar systems.


We are motivated to amplify the benefits of solar power to as many stakeholders while causing minimal to no environmental degradation.

We empower organisations with clarity, transparency, and the best possible solutions on their path towards sustainable energy. With a nuanced understanding of Malaysia's diverse geographical and ecological landscapes, we provide tailored strategies to optimise the placement, construction, and operation of large-scale solar farm systems. 

Large Scale Solar (LSS)

Progressture Solar's Scope of Work

Constructing an LSS requires technical expertise and the careful touch of craftsmanship to deliver the most optimal output and return on investment for landowners and clients while maintaining safety and reliability through the lifecycle of large scale solar farm projects—from planning and commissioning to operationalisation.


Our team has the vital capability and capacity as a renewable energy developer to lead and carry projects through to completion. We offer end-to-end services under one roof, including (but are not limited to):

  • Consultation and Project Development

  • Competitive Bidding

  • Technical Assessment

  • Financing and Investment

  • Design and Engineering

  • Licence Procurement

  • Construction Management

  • Maintenance and Operational Support

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Solar Application
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